Share Your Experience and Your Message with Congress

Fasting and prayer are active spiritual practices that can compel us to action based on our faith and convictions. Actions such as prayer vigils, local meetings with policymakers, phone calls to members of Congress, writing our local newspaper and educating our community can be important parts of our spiritual practice.

Engage Congress:

  • Call your representative at 1-866-940-2439 and make your voice heard. Feel free to use this sample script:

    “I am from [City, State, Congregation], and as a person of faith, I am praying and fasting for 40 days when Congress comes back into session because our country needs action on immigration reform. I urge the Representative to support immigration reform that creates a path to citizenship and reunites families.”


  • Visit your congresspersons during the August recess and the 40 day fast. Bring along members of the immigrant community to tell their story at your Neighbor-to-Neighbor visits.  Talk about the kind of immigration reform you hope to see and during the fast check in or follow up on issues from the August meeting.
  • Share your motivation for prayer, fasting, and advocacy with others.  Share what you are experiencing in conversations, presentations, op-eds, blogs Facebook posts, twitter, congressional and visits.
  • Find your Representative’s Twitter name on their website ( and tweet @[their twitter name]. Ex: “@Raul_Labrador “As a person of faith from Idaho I support #pathtocitizenship & #familyunity. Please support #immigrationreform!”
  • Create a public event, prayer vigil, or interfaith service at the end of the fast to give thanks. Host a prayer vigil outside the statehouse, detention center, or other place where the brokenness of our immigration system is most apparent. Check out the IIC’s Family Unity Prayer Vigil Toolkit.