Pray, Fast, and Advocate for Immigration Reform


Prayer and fasting can turn our attention away from our own needs and toward God and call us into deeper solidarity with our suffering brothers and sisters. By taking on their suffering we help to expose injustice and communicate to the heart of our communities the urgent need for profound conversion and change.

People of faith continue to make their voices heard on immigration reform. We’ve offered rational argument, spoken passionately about the need for just and humane immigration reform, and organized our communities. We have hosted in-district congressional visits, held rallies, marches, and vigils and engaged millions of people of faith throughout the country. We have challenged policy makers to enact comprehensive immigration reform that contains a road map to citizenship, prioritizes family unity, protects the most vulnerable immigrants and addresses the root causes of migration. We’ve realized some goals; others remain to be accomplished.

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment in the movement for immigration reform. As people of faith, we believe that we must engage our communities in prayerful action in solidarity with those whose lives are directly impacted by our unjust immigration policies, and who will be impacted by both just and unjust reforms being considered by policy makers.

How do we raise the level of concern, engage our communities, and grow in the virtues of solidarity and hospitality? We are at a point where we have to escalate our efforts, expose the injustice, and engage the heart of our country. We are convinced that what we need now is a “compassion surge.”

We add our voices to the voices of the majority of Americans and urge Congress to fix our broken immigration system and enact reform that reflects the best of our values and helps to build a stronger, more welcoming country. What we ask is that you join us in 40 days of fasting, prayer, and advocacy that we hope will transform our own hearts and the heart of our country.

Here are some suggestions about how you can join us in prayer, fasting, and advocacy for compassionate and humane immigration reform. We invite you to make a commitment here to 40 days of Fast Action for Immigration Reform.

  • Join us in daily common prayer for immigrants’ rights and a compassionate immigration reform.
  • Join us in a spiritual fast that enables us to take on some of the suffering of our broken immigration system and focuses us more clearly on prayer and action for change.
  • Share your commitment with your communities, your family, religious community, and your work colleagues, and consider inviting them to pray and reflect on this critical social issue. Set a weekly or daily time to commit to public prayer and/or fasting with your community.
  • Invite religious leaders, local politicians, teachers, and community leaders to participate in prayer, fasting, and advocacy and to consider being public about their commitment to just immigration reform.  Ask them to share with their communities and the media their conviction about the need for immigration reform and the power of prayer and fasting to transform us all.